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Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow 2013

Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow 2013

The beauty of a 4 day airshow for the DVD is we get to pick the best weather and the best displays. Some aircraft look better in a damp sky to get the compression vapour on the tight turns. Aircraft with smoke trails look better against a blue sky. We had all weather conditions at Airbourne except snow!
The Matadors were especially painted up to support the new Disney Planes film. Other accompished aerobatics came courtesy of The Blades, RV8tors, SWIP Team and Breitling Wingwalkers and of course the Red Arrows in a perfect sky.

Several classic jets included the dramatically palnted ‘Miss
Demeanour’ and the modern jets were the RAF Typhoon and Belgian F-16, the latter dramatically firing missile decoy flares.

Warbirds aplenty included the rare Dassault Flammant pair, stars of the show for many whilst others thrilled to the aerial antics of the giant Chinook helicopter.
This was a truly vintage “Airbourne” Airshow aided by some magnificent weather if you picked the right day to attend!