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IWM Duxford D-Day Anniversary Airshow 2014

IWM Duxford D-Day Anniversary Airshow 2014

Just as in 1944, the weather cleared and we had a perfect backdrop to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The Imperial War Museum did a magnificent job bringing together 8 actual aircraft that took part in the invasion and a host of other types used in Operations Neptune and Overlord.

The many facets of the allied airpower in 1944 were portrayed, well beyond front line fighters and bombers. Reconnaissance, liaison and especially transport with 5 DC-3 Dakotas juxtaposed with imaginative modern day parachute and glider sequences paying tribute to the airborne forces that dropped into Normandy on the night of 5/6 June.

The modern day RAF debuted the Typhoon with commemorative invasion stripes scheme and the French Air Force presented their national aerobatic team, La Patrouille France.

The clear weather, cockpit cameras and exclusive close up camera positions make this DVD a thrill from start to finish.