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RAF Cosford Airshow 2013

RAF Cosford Airshow 2013

The glorious sunshine attracted a huge crowd to what has become one of the UK’s premier aviation events. A wealth of ground based attractions and free access to the magnificent RAF Museum at Cosford just add to the entertainment value. Our brief though is ‘flying action’!

The show star just had to be Captain Harry Wales, better known as Prince Harry. He was Weapons Officer in the Apache with pilot Staff Sergeant Jamie Boakes. They performed solo and as part of an explosive MERT ( medical evacuation) demo with the Chinook.

RAF Cosford was celebrating its 75th anniversary as indeed was the Spitfire with 2 examples in the flying display. The now retired Sepecat Jaguar’s 40th anniversary was marked by a taxy run by 2 aircraft used at Cosford for ground handling training.

A rare appearance by an RAF C130J Hercules added to a long line of current RAF types including a deafening max-power Typhoon FGR4 display squeezing dramatic 47/111 condensation clouds out of the otherwise clear air.

History was well represented by a plethora of warbirds and vintage jets with Vulcan arriving in a contrapuntal formation with the tiny (by comparison) RV8tors. They and several other teams ‘with smoke’ and accomplished aerobatics made the most of the big blue sky.
Narration off lets you hear the undisturbed location sound.